Saturday, 8 October 2011

Quiet Week

Had a bit of a quiet week since my last post with not much good football being played. I only got involved with Chelsea's match at bolton since I was last on here and that was an easy winner too.

I am pondering getting involved in the league 1 matches today. I have seen a few matches which look good but i am worried about the liquidity.

I also signed up to the soccer betting professor this week in light of the good reviews. I am not that impressed now I know just what he is betting on with this system as its basically laying big underdogs. Going to have a think if this one will be worth my time but I have other systems in mind that i am going to reinvest some profits into.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Slim Pickings!

Just looking over the card for today and there isnt that much action that looks good to me. I guess that could be a good thing as it shows I am being more selective with my picks. Anyway, I have a few I will put up here in advance and hopefully october will carry on from where september left off.

Manchester City - 4.5
Bayern Munich 4.8
Southampton 4.5

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Better then expected!

Made a good amount from the matches this week as you will probably guess by looking at the results.

Only Shakhtar messed me up and I lost about 60% on that as i bailed when the underdog took the lead in the second half. All the rest were plain sailing and I locked in profit when the fave went 2 goals up on all the others. The arsenal match felt like a gift as I got odds of around 4 on the draw by kick off and not 5.2 that i put in my previous post.

It doesnt often go THIS well but it seems like this blog has been my lucky charm.

Onwards to the weekend!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Champions League Action!

Looking forward to trying to make some profit from the champions league this week.
I have done some research and got my LTD selections below. The only one I am unsure about is the Bayern match, I am going to watch it on TV and will see how it goes before laying the draw. I have a feeling city will keep it tight and take the 0-0 if they can.

Bayern Munich 3.85
Napoli 3.9
Lyon 5.2

Arsenal 5.2
Shakhtar 4.8

Good luck everyone, if i make a profit (or avoid a big loss) then this will have been a great first month of full time football trading exceeding my expectations!!!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Good Weekend!

Had a pretty good weekend and trying to make the most of my good run as I know there will be a bad run just around the corner.

I took the advice of a few and gave fridays trading a miss which was a good decision as i got blind drunk by time it kicked off and i was too hungover on saturday morning to get on here to put my tips up.

I managed to sober up and lose my headache by the time the man city match kicked off and sneaked the goal i needed when i was just a few ticks from my stop loss (thank you mario). After that I entered all the other premier league matches apart from the west brom-fulham match and that proved to be a great decision too as it was the only goalless match.

Not often I manage to get all the matches right but I guess it was just one of those days that was good for the favourites.

I think my next action will be on Tuesday in the champions league and I will try and get my selections up beforehand this time. No more drinking for me, thats for sure!.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Busy week!

Had a busy week so not much time to update, but made some decent profits this week on the carling cup.

I know alot of people always say that the carling cup is full of shocks or weird results but I have noticed its always full of goals which works well for me and my style of trading. The match between Leeds and Man U was always going to have loadsa goals in it but I had a decent result on that one and stayed in for the full amount. I thought united would win but didnt think it would be that easy!

I am looking at the card for friday and fancy the stuttgart match after checking some stats. Gonna be a nightmare to trade as im meant to be going out for a mates bday around that time and will have to do it using my phone. I have done that before but only normally when i been in the next room and away from the computer. At least when im in the next room i know i can rush in if anything goes belly up but doing it from a bar with a dodgy mobile connection might be a bit risky. I guess I should test the connection before getting involved.

I will try and update on saturday morning with my selections hoping i dont have too much of a hangover!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Scraping a profit!

Managed to just about scrap a decent profit for the weekend but it wasnt as smooth and easy as I would have liked.

I was on lay the draw in the matches I mentioned on friday and a few saw the underdog take the lead and even go on and win too. This still means a win for me depending on how long I decide to stay in. If the underdog takes the lead I normally leave it another 15 minutes to see what happens. If it remains 1-0 I will probably get out and maybe take a small loss as I dont want to have to expect the favourite to score two more goals before i can lock in a profit.

So it was quite a rocky road this weekend with some strange results flying around and I didnt make as much as last weekend but these things will average out over the month.

I am still in the process of looking at other systems or services so I can build a portfolio as i cant rely on my football trading all the time because i will have bad patches with it like most things. I will hopefully be trying out a few things in the coming weeks to see if they live up to all the hype that their websites normally suggest.